Miraxess products

Perfect Mirabook laptop smartphone extension

The Mirabook

The smartphone is the most connected and practical computer, it is small, light and powerful.
The Mirabook unleashes the power of your Smartphone by turning it into a full-fledged Laptop with a large screen, a keyboard and a track pad.
Your Smartphone is now the only computer you need.

laptop customization mirabook smartphone colour

Mirabook colour touch


The colour touch is a customization element on the Mirabook, it includes the coloured tag and the coloured USB C cable.
It is available in 5 different colours: Midnight Black, Fire Red, Abyssal Blue, Leaf Green and Rose Quartz.

Smartphone Mount laptop

Smartphone Slide


The Slide is a unique Mirabook accessory made to hold your smartphone.
It is specially made so you can “slide” it directly on the Mirabook to have your Smartphone comfortably at your side.
The Slide is also made to secure your Smartphone, so you can move around with ease.

Official Mirabook sleeve protection

Mira : the desktop experience for your smartphone


Mira is the creation of an interface specially for your smartphone in partnership with oxi.

Official Mirabook sleeve protection

The Mirabook Sleeve


The Sleeve is a slim and premium leather accessory to protect and compliment the look of your Mirabook.
It was made by the french premium leatherwork house De Rigueur for Miraxess.