Mirabook User Manual Guide

the mirabook

This manual contains all the information you need to use the Mirabook in good conditions.

It also contains all restrictions to be carefully avoided so as not to damage the device and ensure the safety of the user. Follow this user manual as strictly as possible for you to ensure the validity of the warranty in case of issue.

NOTE: The Mirabook uses Display-Port technology for video transfer, which makes it non-compatible with some Smartphones and other devices and this will NOT be considered as an issue for repair, replacement or refund. For more information about compatible systems, please click here to see the list of smartphones.

WARNING: In case of damage or malfunction of the Mirabook, do not attempt to repair by yourself, contact the support team of Miraxess ([email protected]) or the support of your local reseller.


Miraxess provides all customers 24 months warranty from the date of purchase. If the device fails due to manufacturer defects, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] to launch a warranty claim. We will instruct you how to return the product for repair/replacement.

We can only provide after sale service for products purchased directly from Miraxess or Miraxess authorized distributors. If you have purchased from a different seller, please contact them for any request.

The warranty may NOT be valid in case of non-respected «Safety & Precautions» guidelines of this manual.




For all inquiries, please contact us with your purchase number or reference for dealing with the issue quicker.
E-mail us at [email protected]