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What is Samsung DeX?


Samsung DeX is a native application on some high-end devices, allowing you to use your Samsung phone on a “desktop-like” interface. 

Implemented on their latest smartphones, it allows any S10/S20 or Note 21 (for example) owner to connect their phone to a docking station and use Android as personal mobile computer. If you are familiar with Chromebook and Windows Continuum, it powers a desktop like environment and gives you more productivity with your phone.

You can now display your favourite apps and data on a larger screen, with a keyboard, a mouse and many other external devices. The aim of such development is to make your smartphone the only driver of your digital life. For professional users, it is another way to have a mobile office.

Dex dock

What Does DeX mean?


DeX is a contraction of the words Desktop Experience. It is the name chosen by Samsung electronics for their android application and their docking station.

Indeed, from the moment you connect your Samsung device to the docking system, you can power the Android DeX interface from your mobile.

Dex interface

Samsung DeX interface


Samsung DeX interface is comfortable and easy to use. Indeed, it is the perfect bridge between your day to day cell phone and desktop/laptop environment.

Basically, it looks a lot like your Windows, iOs or Linux desktop interface but powered by Android instead.

As Samsung pointed out, some things are much easier on a desktop: Writing a document, an email, play your favourite video game, or just enjoy more comfort with a click or the punch of a key.

Access the same Android phone applications as you would do on your mobile:

  • email
  • agenda
  • web browser
  • games
  • videos
  • music
  • social medias
  • 4 millions other apps you can download from the Playstore.
dex interface

Also, run your usual office software in mobile version to work on the go:

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Adobe Office suite
  • G-suite
  • Cloud computing services (AWS, Citrix, Omny)
  • More than 2 million SaaS services you can get online

You can even use an emulator on your Galaxy phone and run a more familiar environment on DeX:

  • Emulate Windows 10 interface
  • Emulate Chrome OS environment
Mirabook Dex Samsung s21

What other DeX docking stations are available?


Samsung’s docking station is a nice device allowing you to perform with your Samsung phone at work or at home. In addition, the dock will also charge your phone while using it, so you never run off battery again. 

There are several ways to transform your phone into a PC and a docking station is one of the many solutions. Miraxess created a lapdock to achieve the same result and even go further without being stuck behind a desk. 

At Miraxess, we wanted more mobility solutions. Indeed, our vision of mobile is to be productive everywhere. That is why we created the Mirabook.

The Mirabook is a laptop dock, allowing you to use DeX anywhere at any time. It has similar specifications as the DeX dock but on a laptop shell instead. It is not just a docking laptop, but it is DeX for PCs. It comes equipped with 7 peripheral entries to create your own mobile office.

Thanks to the Mirabook, you will be able to improve your mobile experience all day long. With a 7 hour battery life, screen mirror your most used apps meanwhile charging your Samsung device.

Mirabook without phone
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Note 8 DeX Mirabook

How can I use DeX?


As seen before, DeX can be used via a docking station or a Mirabook. But DeX itself, it is a native app, so you cannot download it from the android Playstore to use it with other devices. You do not have to purchase the application to use it, it will launch automatically with any Samsung Galaxy device listed below:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10+/ S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra 
  • Samsung Galaxy A90
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold / Z Fold 2 

You have questions about DeX, the Mirabook or what we do at Miraxess?


Do you want to order your Mirabook and use DeX in complete mobility? 

Please reach us at [email protected] for more information of the Mirabook in your country. 

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