MiraBook in use with a Samsung Galaxy and DeX system

Transform your smartphone into a laptop ! A lapdock is a compact and lightweight device that allows you to use your phone as computer and enjoy its power. A perfect solution for travelers and on-the-go workers, the lapdock offers a flexible and convenient connected solution anywhere.

What is a lapdock?

Turn your smartphone into a computer - Miradock USB type C docking station for Samsung DeX devices and other android desktop mode compatible devices

Turn your smartphone into a computer! Our docking station is a compact and lightweight portable device that lets you use your phone as a desktop computer and take full advantage of its power. Connect your keyboard and mouse as well as an LCD monitor to the station and benefit from a high-performance, scalable, connected and usable professional solution everywhere with a reduced carbon impact!

What is a docking station?

Miraxess accessories compatibles with our lapdocks and docking station such as the MiraBook or the MiraDock

Complete your lapdock with our accessories! All of them are designed to fit perfectly our products and will help you get the best out of our devices. Don’t hesitate any longer and discover our must-have accessories right now!

Our accessories