What are lapdocks?

The terminology of the word lapdock comes from the combination of 2 words; “lap” upper legs of a seated person and  “dock” to plug or anchor to provide access. So, in this way lapdocks look exactly like laptops but without any central processing unit. In addition, they do not collect any information and are powered through intelligent devices with OS embedded systems such as an android phones, PC sticks, Raspberry Pi, and tablets. The beauty of this peculiar device is that it handles rough use considering it has no fragile internal computer parts like HDD, CPU, or GPUs. So lets praise lapdocks because they look like a laptop but works as fast as your intelligent device by simply connecting them though different connectors (HDMI and USB cables).

Why would I buy a lapdock?

Why would anyone think of buying a lapdock today if they have a laptop? Well, let’s face it, each day we use less and less our computers and we are constantly spending more time on mobile phones. Smartphones are surpassing traditional computers for web browsing, everyday usage and overall their internal processing power. Eventually the only devices that we will need to upgrade will be our phones. Meanwhile we cannot do some tasks solely on mobiles, we can solve this by connecting them to a lapdock. On average a lapdock is 3 times more affordable than a traditional laptop, lightweight (1.3 kg for the Mirabook=Macbook air), and are durable devices. Additionally, it transforms your android phone into a super laptop, bringing a larger screen, long battery and a complete keyboard/mouse configuration.

Sitting down

What are the advantages of owning a lapdock?

There are many advantages of owning your own lapdock and replacing your old laptop. Since this device doesn’t have a brain, all your work and files are on your android cloud. In this sense, you carry a passive lapbook without the risk of losing any information. Amidst of having all your information on your cloud, the lapdock is an independent device that will not require synchronizations or any sort of OS maintenance. The only device that will need updates will be your android. Phone updates are done automatically, it’s a very low maintenance device where updates are completed just by being connected to the internet. On the other hand, with a laptop, you will have to go through the tedious task of synchronizing all the devices (phone, laptop, and tablet) to be up to date, in other words; very time consuming. In an era where time is money,  we want our devices to be fast, we don’t have time for constant manual updates or the money to buy expensive PC softwares. Certainly lapdocks will relieve us from laborious processes that PCs normally makes us go through.

android phone in office

Lapdocks, the future of laptops?

A lapdock is not your typical appliance but it’s the future of laptops and the ultimate device that you will only need. Firstly let’s talk about when was the last time you changed your old laptop? Most probable a long time ago, and if so, your PC purchase needed along with it a bundle of softwares. Laptops are in fact expensive and require constant and several software updates to function perfectly. Nonetheless, it’s not just your computer you need to upgrade, but all your personal devices suchlike phones, tablets, cameras, and among others. But, what if we could only update one sole gadget? Only our android phones!  We update our personal phones every 1 to 3 years for several reasons; either phones get slower, they crash, the battery quickly runs out, outdated camera or many other reasons. We can agree we all want a new phone, just wanting a new feature on it, new technology advancement, or simply wanting to change. So, having the latest phone is inevitable, but lapdocks on the other hand are another story. These PC docks are durable, resistant, do not require any apps, no other technical support and therefore it will not require upgrading them or constantly change them! That is why lapdocks are the future and a solution to owning one sole lasting item, and consequently avoiding constant obsolete electronic waste.

recycle laptops to reduce electronic waste

How does an android work with lapdocks?

As mentioned previously, lapdocks are passive computers which will crack the complete potential of a smartphone when you connect them. Android mobiles are in fact smart mini computers, yet we cannot take complete advantage of its high performance and full potential until they are projected in full screen.  When both devices are linked through a USB- type-C cable, it automatically mirrors every single app from your android to the PC dock screen.

Mirabook in use with Samsung s9

You may have the option to mirror the phone exactly as it is, or even better, have it in a desktop mode with a full screen, keyboard and touchpad. When you are on desktop mode display, you have a complete desktop experience, performing several tasks at once uninterrupted.


Mirabook android phone laptop dockIn addition, the navigation browser turns into classic web browser from a PC, omitting the stacked pages mobile web browsers have. To sum up, completing PC style daily tasks through your android phone is possible when it’s connected to a lapdock, displaying on a bigger screen with a desktop mode interface for a better productivity.

What is the best Lapdock?


There are a few lapdocks that have been out there in the market since 2011 but they didn’t make it through the first years. Some of the reasons are that the new technology had many flaws and in some ways it was ahead of its time. One of the first pioneers was Motorola, creating a lapdock in which you plugged the Atrix android phone, but unfortunately it came across several obstacles and lost momentum. Certain apps couldn’t be displayed, it cost $600 for a passive laptop, and also Google’s acquisition of Motorola got in the way to continue developing the PC dock.

Fast track to 2016, with the improvement smartphone technology, along came as well the renaissance of lapdocks. Androids have become intelligent enough that they can be transformed into super laptops. Thankfully nowadays more and more androids will be arriving with native desktop interface. These new phones feature display port technology which connect in perfect synchronization with lapdocks. To name a few native androids apps: Samsung Dex, Huawei EMUI, Windows Continuum and others.



Miraxess has created a lapdock, the Mirabook. The lapdock is French designed and tested until perfecting the hardware. We created a slim and durable lapdock to have a complete laptop experience through an android phone. This unique lapdock will be in the market starting spring 2019. To name a few of the features, it has a 13.3” full HD screen with more than 10 hours of battery life, 6 peripheral entries (2 USB Type-A ports, headphone jack, HDMI out, micro SD card slot and a USB Type C) with the option of choosing to charge the phone while they ́re connected. The Mirabook will ship worldwide and it will be available through local wholesalers and resellers. Finally, android lapdocks are here to replace traditional laptops and change the way we work!