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Miraxess Products in the Public Sector

Enhancing Government Efficiency

For which corporations?

Applies easily to any kind of public entities in need of tech solutions: police or military forces, administration, field workers...  Our teams are here to tailor the solution for you.

How it can be deployed?

Easily. Whether you need to start a proof of concept or you want to equip your teams right away, the acclimation is immediate as it is the same interface as smartphones

What are the benefits?

Enhanced efficiency, productivity, and streamlined operations for optimal resource utilization and improved service delivery, driving higher satisfaction levels for citizens.

72% of tech cost reduction
40 % less of wasted material
56 % less of carbon emission
Streamline administrative processes and improve efficiency in government operations
Main Problems:
The city municipality faces several challenges in its administrative processes, including:
  • Lack of Mobility: Administrative staff are tied to their desktop computers, limiting their ability to work efficiently while on the move or in different locations.
  • Inefficient Collaboration: The existing infrastructure hampers seamless collaboration among departments, leading to delays and miscommunication.
  • High Hardware Costs: Providing dedicated desktop setups for each employee incurs substantial hardware expenses.

How Mobile-Only and our Tools Helped ?

The adoption of a mobile-only approach, supported by Miraxess tools, addressed these challenges effectively for Police Forces throughout the wolrd and administrations in Europe:

Mobility: The MiraBook and the MiraDock enabled employees to transform their smartphones into fully functional desktop workstations or portable laptop, allowing them to work efficiently from any location. This mobile-only approach promotes flexibility and productivity.

Efficient Collaboration: It also allowed for a collaborative workspace, and cloud tools. Employees were able to easily share information, collaborate on projects, and access real-time data at any moment, improving interdepartmental communication and decision-making.

“Miraxess offers high-quality products. The after-sales service is always ready to help and solve problems quickly."”

- Isa Holmgren, SNCB

How Did Miraxess Help Deploy the Solution?

Assessing Needs:
Conducting a thorough analysis of the municipality’s administrative workflows, infrastructure, and employee requirements to identify the optimal Miraxess products and configurations.
Hardware Provision:
Supplying adequate Miraxess products that align with the municipality’s needs, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.
Training and Support:
Offering comprehensive training sessions to employees, enabling them to leverage the full potential of Miraxess products. Additionally, providing ongoing technical support to address any issues or concerns

How Can Samsung DeX Help the Public Sector?

Samsung DeX, integrated with our various products, offers additional benefits to the public sector:

Samsung DeX ensures a secure work environment by leveraging built-in security features, such as device encryption and secure booting, safeguarding sensitive government data. Samsung Dex’s desktop interface provides an experience higly similar to any of your previous installations enabling employees to work with familiar tools and applications, increasing their efficiency and productivity. It also allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously, enabling seamless multitasking and improving workflow management.

Android, Samsung’s OS supports a wide range of productivity applications, empowering employees in the public sector to access essential tools for document creation, data analysis, and collaboration allowing employees to navigate applications, access files, and collaborate effortlessly, irrespective of their location..

Samsung DeX, in combination with Miraxess products, offers portability and flexibility, allowing employees to work remotely or in various locations while maintaining a consistent desktop-like experience.

Need to know more?

Empower your field workers

Miraxess offers convenience even when operating in difficult conditions. Whether it’s conducting inspections, logging data, or communicating with the team, Miraxess equips field workers with the tools they need to excel in their tasks. 

Office productivity

Seamlessly switch between mobile and desktop modes, effortlessly multitask, and collaborate with ease. Miraxess ensures a comfortable and efficient working experience for office worker enabling them to achieve more in less time.

For those always on the move

With its lightweight and portable design, Miraxess products cater to the needs of mobile workers. Transform your smartphone into a versatile workstation, allowing you to work efficiently, stay connected, productive, and organized.

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