Reviewers Guide

For MiraBook and transforming your phone into PC

Main caracteristics

The Mirabook's specifications

A full PC experience

13-inch screen, a keyboard and a touchpad, the MiraBook also acts as a complete docking station

Extended connectivity

USB-C that support fast charge, HDMI output, 3.5 mm audio jack, 2 USB A 3.0 ports, a micro SD card reader…

Secure and practical

Centralises all apps and data so there is no longer any need for data synchronisation

How to use your cell phone as a touchpad on Samsung DeX? 

Open the notifications panel.
Press “use phone as touchpad”.
Navigate using the touchpad with your fingers

• Disable routing audio usb: 

First, you will need to activate the developer mode on your phone:

To enable developer mode on a Samsung phone, follow these steps:

Go to your phone’s settings
Press “About Phone”.
Press “Version number” repeatedly until the message “You are now a developer” is displayed
Go back to the main settings and go to “Developer Options”.
Activate the “Developer Mode” option

To disable USB audio routing on a Samsung phone, follow these steps:

Go to your phone’s settings
Go to “Sounds and Vibration
Select “Audio Out”.
Disable the “USB Audio Out” option

Note: The steps may vary slightly depending on your Android operating system version.

The MiraBook and MiraDock are standard and use the USB-C port. To get the best desktop experience, your smartphone must have a desktop mode, test your smartphone compatibility here.

Samsung DeX does not open:

If Samsung DeX does not open when the MiraBook or MiraDock is plugged in, then just unplug the smartphone and plug it in again and Samsung DeX will open normally.

Humidity 1/100:

If your device displays a water droplet icon that signifies humidity detection, you should disconnect the smartphone and turn off your MiraBook then turn it on, then try removing your USB cache.

Keyboard or mouse missing:

It is possible that there is a problem during the connection of the smartphone that may cause the keyboard or mouse not to be detected. To solve this problem, simply turn off the MiraBook, unplug your smartphone, then restart the MiraBook and plug your phone in again.

Goodlock: Goodlock offers an advanced customization experience for your MiraBook and MiraDock. This allows you to customize the look and functionality of your device to meet your unique needs, enhancing your overall user experience.

Shadow: The Shadow’s VDI offers a more secure and flexible virtual desktop experience, allowing users to access their applications and files from any device connected to the Internet.

Parsec: Parsec provides you with a high quality desktop experience on your DeX device. Connect remotely from anywhere to your own computer. Play or work from your MiraBook or MiraDock in an instant on your home computer.

Suite google: Google Suite offers you seamless integration with Google products, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar. This allows you to work more productively and efficiently by easily syncing your information and files across multiple devices.