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Governments around the world are looking for new mobile solutions to improve their departments with a more efficient and secure way of communicating. Meanwhile they are also looking to ease their financial burden with other alternatives. These institutions face the challenge of empowering employees to keep them motivated and connected in the era of the new normality. Keep on reading to know more on how public entities are embracing and implementing the Mirabook as a solution.

Empowering public workers with new mobile devices 


Over the past decade the world has been faced with a mobile revolution of desktop virtualization. From desktop computers to laptops, then tablets and finally to smartphones. These mobile devices have changed the way we work, communicate and federal governments want to take advantage of these technological advancements. They are in search of smaller but smarter mobile solutions for all public workers.

Agencies are looking for full mobile solutions on phones


  • Desktop Mode on mobile phones has opened many doors to work with one sole intelligent device. 
  • This helps avoid buying multiple electronic gadgets. Working on one sole device is helping reduce government spending (TCO).
  • To experience a PC like experience on smartphones, it is necessary to have a larger screen, a keyboard and a mouse. That is why Public Administrations are looking for solutions for their mobile workers using a Mirabook. It brings out the full potential and capabilities of smartphones.


The growth of desktop experience on smartphones for public agencies


Several mobile manufacturers have developed desktop mode on smartphones. This evolution on mobiles is said to have been caused by the changing technological habits. A study done in 2015 showed that there were more people with mobile phones than laptops. This is also the case for police officers. As they deploy from point A to point B, the only device they carry is a smartphone in their pocket. With a phone on hand, it isn’t necessary to go back to stations to finish off reports. An alternative to eliminating dead-times.

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Redefining the way we work in mobility: DeX laptop with a Mirabook


Having information on hand is essential to work in modern times. The idea of working with only a phone is attracting more and more people. With that being said, many workers confirm the ergonomy of a smartphone makes some part of the job hard to complete on a small screen and without a keyboard. This can be solved with having a phone connected to a workstation, or even better, a lapdock such as the Mirabook. Simply connect your phone and watch it be transformed into a 13.3” screen laptop with an 8 hour battery life and a track pad. A solution to transition to work in mobility while providing efficient tools to the collaborators. We can conclude that it is a fact that PC mode smartphones will not be an option but a necessity.

IT managers can centralize admin and maintenance in one sole device

Employees are increasingly relying on mobile phones to complete daily work tasks. Simultaneously, IT managers are also looking for alternatives to the classical “PC + smartphone” package to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). In order to face the CoViD pandemic, IT departments – one of the true heroes of 2020 – had to reinvent themselves. They made a digital transformation worth 2 years of work into only a couple of months. They are the employees who have seen the benefits of working with less devices and more Cloud Computing services. 

In consequence, IT workers are looking to manage one sole device that they can protect and update remotely. Managing several devices at the same time is a difficult task and they are preparing to confront situations just like we are facing nowadays.

Additionally, smartphones have proven themselves less subject to cyber attacks, which is an increased threat for the companies. A solution many are considering is to just control a smartphone. IT managers can control remotely different hardwares, apps, web resources, and data from a smartphone. For example, Galaxy phones have biometric authentication capabilities which go beyond simply unlocking the phone. This native app adds layers of security. So there’s no more need to be physically in an office updating PCs with expensive hardware. 

IT managers can easily update and upgrade apps and secure them from both different profiles of the smartphone. Smartphones can be customized remotely to improve and prevent data breach by installing software-based protection. For instance, Samsung DeX offers Knox Manage. A cloud-based solution that enables IT departments to apply a variety of controls and protections across a fleet of mobile devices.

Why did the UK Police Forces choose the Mirabook?


  • The Mirabook is a passive device with no memory or no ability to transfer or store classified data.
  • No maintenance and no synchronization needed.
  • 1 sole Mirabook can be used by multiple officers.
  • A thin client with a large 13.3’’ screen, fits in police car racks, saving the Police Department time and money.
  • Ability to charge their phones while finishing reports remotely out of the Police Stations.
  • A work equipment to make their job more functional, less risky and increase an officer’s confidence in carrying out duties.
  • Cost effective as the objective is to lower TCO while keeping the same productivity and communication channels.
  • A long term solution as it is compatible on smartphones with desktop interface mode.
  • Prevents from having to take old fashioned notes and directly write electronically on a bigger screen and keyboard.
  • As per example in a situation of emergency,  officers can upload reports onto the PNC (Police National Computer). It would take 20 minutes for the report to circulate, rather than a 45 minute journey back to a station.
  • The Mirabook is a remote desktop, revolutionizing  the way they communicate and work on the go.

An asset for agile and mobile agents

  • Police officers are always out on field work protecting the public. They do not have the time to go back to the station, sit at a desktop and finish up reports.
  • With a Mirabook, officers can forget about their desk and work on-the-go. Easily deploy and access DeX using car-computing racks available on units. 
  • Creating flexibility and dispatch tasks from wherever is convenient with unlimited mobility.
  • Access confidential information immediately, take photos, and send them to reduce time during transitions on field work. 
  • A low price device which is highly responsive, no reboot needed and zero IT support.

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