Miraxess website is live !

Thanks to you Miraxess website is now live !


We are very proud to introduce you our brand new Miraxess website.

This website is available on any devices and OS. It will present you everything about Miraxess world : From computer, laptop and smartphone news and reviews to our latest achievments and product releases.

Shop any of Miraxess product, suscribe to our newsletter or share contents on your favourite social media.

How Miraxess website works ?

Take a tour of all Miraxess products and shop them as you want !

In products section, you will find all of our product range. You will be abble to shop them from the website thanks to our partner backerkit.

As we are very concerned about your datas and pre order payments, we chose to rely on backer kit platform to allow you shopping in the best conditions until we develop the 2.0 website with our own eshop.

Click on shop now and preorder now to get on our backetkit page.

Follow on our smartphone, laptop, tech reviews and tests to help you make the right choice

You will find in our footer a link to our reviews, tests and advice to help you choose the best devices fitting your needs.

Thanks to Miraxess engineers and passionate team, we hope giving you soon maximum informations about smartphone, laptop and tech break trought on the market and in project.

Discover Miraxess vision and developments

As many backers asked us, we will display maximum informations about the projects we work on, the team and the vision of Miraxess. Please feel free to contact us if you need further informations about us and what we try to accomplish here.

If you are as nut as us about smartphone use and tech, get in contact with the team and let’s set up a project together.

Again,  thanks to all of Miraxess backers to make this project live !

Thank you backers Miraxess


2 thoughts on “Miraxess website is live !

  1. visal seang 2017-11-12 at 19:15

    Hi, I was wondering. Is this website safe to order or wait for an official website? when will you guys be launching the official website? Is buying from this website the same as on indiegogo? The black color is not available in indiegogo. Please reply me back when you get a chance.


    1. Hi,

      First of all thank you for supporting us.

      Our website is in development but the eshop area is for now handled and secured by Backerkit and stripe to let you pre order safely.
      As you said, we will have our proper eshop and website in May. Meanwhile I can assure you that your can pre order from our website.
      The difference between Backerkit and Indiegogo is the percentage from the platform.

      If you prefer Indiegogo, please leave us a comment or contact us to give you access to the black layout.



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