The Mirabook

Give your smartphone the capacities of a laptop


The Mirabook is the ultimate smartphone accessory designed to deliver a full desktop experience. Dock your Smartphone and transform it into a complete 13-inch notebook with a full-sized keyboard and a track-pad.

The Mirabook provides to your phone all the basic connection you would find on a regular PC: USB C for fast charging, HDMI output, audio jack 3.5 mm, 2x USB A 3.0, micro SD card extender.

 Miraxess reinvents the laptop and focuses on a small handheld computer, the Smartphone. Using the Mirabook extension is very practical because it centralizes all apps and data so there is no longer any need for data synchronization. Unequally autonomous and lightweight compared to a standard PC, the Mirabook is the ultimate mobile solution.

Smartphone with Mirabook

Productivity on the go


power battery logo pngUp to 200% battery increased


no synchronisation logo pngNo more synchronisation

One device to secure

Long lasting design


Cost logo pngNew phone, new laptop

Mirabook back view with blue layout

High resolution 13,3″ screen


aluminium logo pngAluminium body


colour touch logo pngColour touch

Only 1.3 Kg


backlit keypad logo png MiraxessBacklight keyboard

Mirabook Specifications

  • Black Aluminium body
  • 13,3-inch 1080p screen
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Feather weight 1.3KG / 2.8 Pounds
  • Display-Port over USB C
  • 1x USB C for device
  • 1x USB C for charging
  • 2x USB A 3.0
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x Audio Jack output
  • 1x Micro SD card extender

Compatibility Requirements:

  1. Device charged by USB type C
  2. Device equipped with Display-Port
Mirabook side view with blue layout

Android Smartphone

Raspberry Pi

Windows Phone

Computer stick

System compatibility

Many apps are available to use with Android system to provide a desktop interface ( Oxi App, Sentio Desktop, Leena OS …). Go to their websites for further information. Example: Samsung s8 is the perfect companion for your Mirabook, with Dex, you can take full advantages of the Mirabook.

Raspberry Pi Logo png

We designed a special board extension for raspberry pi. It integrates a usb-c port with DisplayPort support in order to work with the Mirabook.

Windows logo png

Windows phones are a plug and play solution with the mirabook. Windows Continuum allows you to enjoy a true Windows desktop with applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint…

PC Stick Mirabook Miraxess pngMany compute stick work with DisplayPort, if not native, you can install DisplayLink. Once compatible you can install the OS you’d like on it. Example: MeeGoPad sticks