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It started with a simple question: “Why do we have so many devices when only one can be enough?” Mobile convergence is the solution to develop innovative products and will make life easier. Miraxess wishes to mark its time with an innovative vision of computing and a new approach of mobility. The young French startup was founded in 2015 by Yanis Anteur (CEO) and Paul-Emile René (CTO).

In 10 years, Smartphones have evolved significantly to become as powerful as our regular laptop computers. How do we use this power and what comes after smartphones ?
When PCs become more and more mobile and mobiles become more and more PCs, Miraxess imagine the “superphone” as the only computer we need.
The french startup is engaged in the Next big Revolution called Mobile convergence where your Smartphone becomes more than a simple Phone, it becomes your Personal Computer.

Man taping on Mirabook Miraxess

Meet the Mirateam !

Yanis Anteur CEO Miraxess

Yanis Anteur, CEO

Paul Emile René CTO Miraxess

Paul Emile René, CTO

Fabien Pointet CMO Miraxess

Fabien Pointet, CMO

Christian Planas Head of Sales Miraxess

Christian Planas, Sales Director

Yohan Ducloux Miraxess Developer

Yohan Ducloux, Intern

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Joseph gonnachon Digital marketing manager

Joseph Gonnachon, Digital Marketing Manager

Linkedin logo miraxes team