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 Digital nomads are transforming the way the world works remotely 


We are beginning to see an expansion of working from home and from any corner of the world. The sanitary crisis had obligated companies to send their employees home to work remotely and it seems it will be the new normal for the next upcoming years. This has caused people to move out of big cities into the suburbs. But a digital nomad goes even further, moving from city to city every set period of time.

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As the chart shows “traditional job holders” have skyrocketed and thus have created the new trend of employees called digital nomads. Adopting this lifestyle means working from another country, or right beside the beach front. Find out what tools these adaptable nomads are using to work in mobility.

The mindset of a digital nomad

These wandering professionals don’t just take off and leave everything to luck. They are people with a different mindset and definitely plan ahead of time. Working remotely takes time and the right tools. One golden rule they follow is to be task oriented instead of time oriented as the traditional office schedule from 9 to 5 implied. They organize their digital life, they set it and achieve goals at their own pace meanwhile always giving results. Additionally, they make the habit of looking for new inventions and how they can benefit to adapt it into their lifestyle.

Technology tools used by a remote worker

These tech savvy travelers move with little but have the right tools to finish off their tasks remotely. As the name implies, nomads recollect tools and are ready when they arrive at their destination. They travel light and using only a smartphone gets them half of their job done. Here’s what a mobile phone can do:

  • Lets you be connected all the time
  • Calls, navigation and video conferences can be made with a complete cell phone plan 
  • Multitask between different apps
  • More secure than a PCs (as Knox on Samsung)
  • Easy to connect to a VDI, MDM and other cloud computing services
  • Play games remotely 
  • All files can be available in one sole device
  • Good camera to take pictures and videos
  • Phones with desktop interfaces can be a mobile office
Digital nomad phone

5 Limitations of Working Only on a Smartphone

There are several reasons why we cannot only use a smartphone to finish off work. While phones may be smarter and faster than many computers, there are several limitations to it, and here’s why:

    1. Small screens Imagine having to finish off a formula on an excel sheet. Impossible! That is why more and more phones are being equipped with desktop interface such as Samsung Dex. This native app lets you connect to a bigger screen, a keyboard and a mouse. 
    2. The cause of accidents – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say every day close to nine people In the US die in road accidents caused by a mobile phone-distracted driver.
    3. Health problems writing on a small screen automatically makes people hunch and thus causes ‘text neck’. According to a recent report, surgeons are noticing an increase in upper back pain and neck pain patients. They are relating it to prolonged hours spent on smartphones.
    4. Battery doesn’t last long Smartphones last on average 4 hours. It all depends on the activity, gaming might give you 1- 1.5 hour and browsing on the internet 4–5 hours
    5. Constant App distractions Consistent interruptions with ongoing SMS, emails, calls and other app alerts

Risks Tech Nomads May Experience 

We may be envious of the pictures that we see from bloggers in exotic and adventurous places. Lets not be deceived by the picture right beside the beach. We never see the other side of the coin and the risks they may be taking if they lose their tech along the way. They depend 100% on their technology and if this gets lost or stolen, they lose info and surely an expensive laptop.

  • To avoid this risk, they have to look for security tools. As per example,.It is much easier to replace and have insurance on a smartphone rather than on an expensive laptop. 
  • If a laptop is lost, it is necessary to have everything backed up online. Nonetheless, losing a laptop can be quite costly and private data can be stolen. 
  • What solutions or replacements exist? A great alternative would be to own a lapdock as they are priced at a fraction of the cost of a laptop. It is a dock with a full screen, keyboard, and battery without processor or memory. A device that is powered with a desktop mode smartphone.

Real Digital Nomads Shift into Mobile Convergence: Smartphone + Mirabook lapdock


Digital nomads spend one-third of their day working on their smartphone and can get half of their work done using it. But to complete the other half of work, they needed to be connected to a bigger screen and keyboard. Employees have said that having a phone which can be transformed into a laptop would help them finish the other remaining part of the job that couldn’t be finished with only a phone. Is there a solution? Yes. This is what a Samsung Dex and a Mirabook lapdock can do together. 

The new power of mobile engineering is to use a Mirabook to transform your phone into a laptop. Mirror everything from your phone onto the  screen of the lapdock. Digital nomads can take it wherever and whenever, so now ditching a desktop will be extremely easy thanks to the ergonomic use of the Mirabook.

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Several mobile manufacturers developed a native desktop interface on smartphones to have a computer like experience on bigger monitors or lapdocks. The Mirabook was created to have more comfort and ease on your mobile-only journey. With the Mirabook, anyone can be truly ultra-mobile and truly productive without the need of a computer and a desk.

 7 Benefits of using the Mirabook

    1. Use any app on a bigger screen – Have you used your favorite app on a big screen? It is possible now using a Mirabook
    2.  200% Plus Battery Life – Enjoy a long lasting battery life from the Mirabook. You can decide to charge or not your smartphone while it is connected.
    3. Tear down CTO Costs –  A Mirabook costs a third of  a laptop price.
    4. The True and Complete Mobile Solution – No updates or upgrades required on a Mirabook. It operates with DeX’s interface.
    5. Real Flexible OfficeComplete mobility without the need to be stuck to a desk and it’s an ultra-lightweight device. 
    6. Be Truly ProductiveMirabook is the answer to Samsung DeX’s true mobility, it will prevent the need to search for an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    7. Reduce  Electronic WasteThe lifespan of a Mirabook is at least 8 years, since there’s no CPU to fracture, only a long lasting battery that can be replaced.


Who can Benefit from the Mirabook?

There is an ongoing list of professionals and non-professionals who can benefit from using the Mirabook. A device that can be used between family members and saving space with bulky and numerous computers. As more and more smartphones are being created with desktop interface, laptops will eventually become obsolete. 

  • Wandering Professionals (lawyers, engineers, designers, doctors, etc)
  •  Bloggers (writers, editors, digital nomads)
  • Thin clients (consultants, customer service representatives, territory sales managers)
  • Teleworkers ( accountants, engineers, business developers)
  • Tech lovers (geeks, tech savvy people)
  • Students (high school, college, university, PHD, etc)
  • Gamers (massive multiplayer online, casino, sport, board games, etc) 
  • Journalists and other reporters
  • Different on site Operators (electricity, gas, nuclear plant workers, etc)
  • Police Officers (detectives, military)
  • And any other common person

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