July update – pictures from the factory

Dear Miraclub members,


Shenzen view sky

Just a few words to keep you updated.
In June, a part of our team went to China in order to monitor and validate the quality of the Mirabook.


Color touch Mirabook
The color touch – 6 colors


Fabien, our designer, is really satisfied with the overall quality and the improvement that have made since the beginning:

“We have improved the trackpad soft touch according to the feedback we had at trade shows. The backlit keyboard was a bit weak, so we used a laser method to print the keys and brighten everything. The mechanical stiffness and the finishing are amazing, that’s why I’m so impatient for you to use it.”


The assembly plant in Shenzen


Paul-Emile, Our Chief engineer, worked on the software stability to allow you to switch the plugged devices instantaneously without any crash:

“We had an issue with the battery manufacturer because his cells were not sustainable and couldn’t pass the certifications. We have changed the supplier and now we’re good. My main concern was to have a plug and play experience, and now we have it.”

Mirateam in Shenzen factory

Everyday we receive your support message and we read all of them. The team mood is between frustration and impatience. Frustration because everything would go a lot faster if we had 10 million dollars, and impatience because we want you to experience our 3 years of work result.

Thanks for your patience,

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The Mirateam

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