Be minimalist & Change the world

Turn your smartphone into a PC

I want to change the world

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Be minimalist & change the world

Turn your smartphone into a PC

I want to change the world

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carbon emissions with our products

Our vision

Turn you into a hero

The MiraTeam has one purpose: kill the current PC industry to make it more sustainable by going mobile-only. How? a hero’s journey begins with minimalism.

Did you know that the electronic industry is responsible for 3 to 4% of global CO2 emissions?*

*Source : Shift Project report, 2019

A simple action
for a positive change

The most versatile way to be productive with your smartphone

Mirabook, the laptodk that unleash your phone's power
Long-lasting design

A premium and eco-design lapdock made to last forever.

Productivity & Entertainment

Do more with your phone. You can now work, browse, and watch your favourite content.


Up to 7h of battery life and a phone charging option.


A minimal setup for a maximum efficiency

MiraDock the ultimate docking station
Smooth computing experience

You can now unleash the true power of your phone to compute very simply.

Easy to use

Discover the most user friendly experience. Plug and play, that's it.

The most connected dock

The Miradock offers a range of connectivity options to fit perfectly with all your needs.


made for

Samsung Dex

The world with Miraxess

As people increasingly rely on their smartphones to organize their personal and professional lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. Miraxess creates the next revolution of computers by merging PCs and smartphones to serve a great purpose:  transform the industry to make it more sustainable.

The future that we are building is mobile-only. Miraxess will be here with its passive devices – whether it is with our Dex lapdock or Dex docking station , to design unique experiences to regain the true productivity and comfort of your mobile.

Help us change the world.

Yanis Anteur – CEO Co-founder of Miraxess

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