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Miraxess Introduces Cutting Edge Technology at SOFINS 2023

Miraxess, a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, had a successful showing at the SOFINS 2023 last week in Bordeaux. The company showcased its latest innovations that are designed to provide an answer to the mobility and security needs of special forces.

At the event, Miraxess CEO Yanis Anteur spoke about how their products can help streamline the tech needs of special forces while also reducing costs. 

“We at Miraxess want to work closely with the special forces as we have done in the past with Irish and English police forces as we believe our product to be a true asset for them, able to easily secure their workflow,” said Anteur.

Their two products presented to the military and special forces actors are the Mirabook -an innovative lapdock that offers an easy-to-use mobile productivity solution by easily connecting any smartphone to turn it into a laptop with an ergonomic design and a 13.3-inch Full HD display- and the Miradock -a docking station that enables users to connect their smartphone to a larger display and use it as a computer while including a large range of ports such as ethernet and USB-C.

The company offers a new vision of computing and its mission is to provide robust solutions that are consistent with the specific needs of each team. They create products that meet the imperatives of special forces: a design for rough nomadic use, enhanced device security (as ghost computers, the Mirabook and Miradock help protect data from malicious actors), and superior portability and durability compared to traditional devices.

Miraxess is committed to providing high quality tech solutions that meet the demanding needs of special forces personnel around the world. Their team of experts is constantly working on new ways to improve their existing products and design new ones that will better serve their end users.

The company has already seen good results with the use of its products by police forces in Ireland and England: in particular, it has helped to drastically reduce the cost of IT infrastructure while improving their productivity. Indeed, Mirabook has allowed them to have an efficient and uncompromised mobile office while reducing the time spent securing their hardware without creating any vulnerabilities.

They hope to expand further into other countries in Europe and beyond. At SOFINS trade show this week, Miraxess was able to demonstrate how their products can help provide an efficient, secure solution for special forces personnel everywhere.

With its commitment to innovation and customer service excellence, Miraxess is quickly becoming one of the leading providers of cutting-edge technology for special forces around the world. The team at Miraxess was thrilled with the response they received at SOFINS 2021 and looks forward to continuing their work with Special Forces around the world. With its innovative approach towards technology development, there is no doubt that this company will continue pushing boundaries in terms of mobility and security solutions for many years to come.

All you need is phone

Since 2015, Miraxess has been questioning our digital uses and designing more virtuous devices. Coupled with a smartphone, these devices do not present any security vulnerability in themselves, as the only device to protect is the smartphone. By reducing the number of devices needed, Miraxess also helps its partners reduce their total cost of ownership by more than 70%. In the near future, the smartphone will be the only device that users will need for all their digital needs in the office and on the road.

In order to make IT security and sobriety rhyme in the long term, Miraxess aims to become a major player in the French electronics industry within the next 10 years and to deploy its devices to players with numerous and specific needs. To achieve this goal, the start-up recently raised €2.5 million to expand and formed an industrial partnership with the 2CRSI group to produce Made in France devices starting this year in the Eastern France region. This is another strong commitment by the start-up to minimize its environmental impact through local production.


About Miraxess:

Miraxess is a start-up from the Grand Est region of France and a leader in mobile convergence. It develops the MiraBook solution, a passive terminal that transforms smartphones into laptops, and the MiraDock, a docking station that offers a premium PC experience via mobile devices. Professionals and consumers alike can benefit from Miraxess products, from the large family looking to save space to mobile professionals, students and on-site workers looking for a rapidly deployable solution. Miraxess recently raised €2.5 million in Series A funding to continue the mobile-first revolution. 

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