Use Cases of the Mirabook as a Mobile Solution

mirabook s21

Enterprise Mobility Solutions


New technologies arise to experience the thin-client on-the-go. The Mirabook transforms Samsung DeX into a laptop for more productivity. Find out which mobile professionals can benefit from the Mirabook by transforming their smartphone into a full DeX computer.


Modern Government Solutions


Find out why Governmental entities around the world are choosing the Mirabook as their mobile-only solution for deployment, security and fleet modernization. Take advantage of the hidden solutions that high end smartphones can do: desktop interface to have a PC like experience. Make your DeX smartphone a mobile office with a Mirabook.

mounted car

The rise of Digital Nomads


Travel further with smarter tools and less devices. Digital wanderers are choosing desktop interface mobile phones to play, work or  surf the internet with a Mirabook. Use it to transform your phone in a DeX laptop like experience anywhere at any time. Find out why less is more with a Mirabook!

Man holding a controller and playing with the Mirabook