Transforming the Huawei P20 into a PC


With Huawei’s EMUI Desktop interface you can shift your P20 phone into a complete workstation. The new line of premium smartphones are here to diversify the way we work and to improve our daily lives!

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The current series of Huawei P20 phones can be launched into a complete PC thanks to the embedded desktop interface called Easy Projection or also known as EMUI Desktop mode.

The key features of the EMUI Desktop interface is an innovative software that helps you cover the everyday routine as if it were any other PC:

  • Connect instantly to project every app from the P20 into a larger monitor with an adapter
  • Work with the possibility of having multiple tabs open at a time
  • It projects connected through a dongle
  • It casts wirelessly via miracast
  • Alerts and calls are hidden when connected to a bigger screen

The complete line of Huawei ́s P20 and P20 Pro mobiles supports and boost productivity from any workspace. These features are unique on the Huawei phones, simply connect and mirror the future on a full monitor. So, thanks to Easy Projection built-in application, the P20 series lets you transform your phone into a workstation, becoming the only computer you will need!

Mira desktop for android apps

Convert easily the Huawei P20 into a Laptop with Easy Projection

Look at your P20 smartphone and what’s missing to work comfortably? A keyboard and screen to work remotely from anywhere! This problem can easily be solved with the one and only, the Mirabook lapdock!

The Mirabook is a laptop shell designed perfectly for the Huawei P20 series, unlocking the power of your phone when you connect it to the lapdock. So ditching your laptop for a Mirabook can be the smartest move to save in buying several smart devices.

Mirabook and P20

                Advantages of owning a Mirabook lapdock

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Mobility for increased Productivity

aluminium logo png

Long lasting aluminum design

low weight logo png Mirabook

Lightweight 2.6 pounds (1.2 Kg)

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Up to 200% + battery life compared with ordinary laptops

13.3″ high definition display

backlit keypad logo png Miraxess

Pro backlit keyboard

Mirabook specifications

  • Black Aluminium body
  • 13,3-inch 1080p screen
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Feather weight 1.2KG / 2.6 Pounds
  • DisplayPort over USB C
  • 1x USB C for device
  • 1x USB C for charging
  • 2x USB A 3.0
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x Audio Jack output

This is the portable and best solution for EMUI desktop mode on your P20

You do not own a Huawei P20 yet ?

If you do not own the Huawei P20, you can check out the list of devices who have EMUI Desktop interface and are compatible with the Mirabook. Unlock the full potential of the P20 by connecting this lapdock and transforming it into a laptop.

You have another cell phone and you wish to check if it is compatible with the Mirabook?

In order to be fully compatible with the Mirabook, your device needs to be USB type C over Display-port technology as the Huawei P20.

To be efficient, you can ask us directly our Facebook page. You can also check your smartphone’s specifications or get on our dedicated page linked below.

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You do not have Easy Projection or a native desktop view?

Easy Projection is a native app available on Huawei devices. Yet many smartphones brands need an application to run a desktop PC interface.

To do so there are three possibilities :

1.) Your phone manufacturer has implemented a native application on its devices :

  • Huawei Easy Projection (EMUI desktop mode)
  • Samsung DeX
  • Windows Continuum

2.) Your phone manufacturer has implemented a specific native application. All the IT and R&D lab listed below are promoting the Desktop mode to phone brands :

  • OXI OS
  • Maru OS
  • Leena OS
  • Remix OS
  • And of course our own : Mira

Keep in mind that even if you can download it, you still need a USB type C and Display-Port to power the Mirabook.

3.) Download from the Playstore: Non native application

It is a simple way to see what you can do on a desktop interface powered by your smartphone.

Indeed, some labs launched several apps allowing you to use a desktop like experience.

However, because these are not native, be aware that the experience can be a bit laggy and slow.

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