What is the next Mobile Revolution?

For 10 years we have seen simple cellphones becoming the most complete and advanced computers in the world. Now that smartphones have replaced most of our devices, they are now capable of becoming the one device that is every device by evolving into superphones.


What’s the next Phone Evolution after Smartphones?

When the Smartphone innovation was really launched in 2007, it seemed like a natural evolution of its predecessor, what we call now feature phone or sometimes dumb phone in contrast. In 10 years, the intelligent phone replaced the uses of many devices such as cameras, GPS, portable gaming console or just a simple calculator. To be more specific, it didn’t replace these devices but became them.  For instance, since 2008, the number of digital cameras shipped world widely has drastically decreased of 78% while the camera quality in smartphones has been greatly improved.

We are now in 2017 and we have reached a point where the Smartphone cannot be as innovative and disruptive as it has been in the past. The latest mobile phone innovations were purely practical and sometimes completely futile. For example, you can now unlock your phone and identify yourself with your fingerprint or your face, but these are gadget features when you could have something truly revolutionary with such a smart device. Obviously, Smartphone manufacturers are no longer able to take risks and that is why they upgrade their flagships with small features only. Even if the latest high-end phones are as powerful and capable as our classic computers, the market is unable of innovating and renew itself like it did 10 years ago.

If you step back and look at the big picture, a smartphone is defined by “a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer”. It seems clear that the next mobile phone devices won’t just imitate computer features but truly became our computers…


What is a Superphone?

The mobile phone industry is facing stagnation in terms of innovation when the computer power is still exponential. However, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main device responding to our computer needs. Today’s Smartphones can reach 8GB of RAM, 12 cores processors and 1TB of storage, but what can we really do with all that power? It is time for a new revolution, it is time for the smartphone to naturally evolve and unleash its true potential.

Introducing the concept of superphone, a mobile phone that is also your only personal computer. It does not imitate your PC features, it has PC features inside. A superphone is as powerful as a classic computer and provides a PC desktop interface to be bring productivity in your hand.

There were many attempts to create a superphone in the past, but it was never the right time for it. In 2017, mobile phones have the possibility to become the ultimate computers because they are the point of convergence of all our digital needs. Recently, you can consider the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Huawei mate 10 as superphones. They are both providing a full PC experience ( Samsung Dex and Huawei PC Mode) and they are both powerful. If the 2 market leaders are engaging a competition on PC modes, it’s for a good reason, they know this is the next revolution. Even if they didn’t label their phones as superphones yet, we can as of now identify that they will transform the smartphone into a PC in the same way.

When you buy a superphone, you buy the ultimate computer for mobility, work and entertainment.


The Mirabook improves your PC experience

Now that you combine in one hand all your computer needs, the only thing that is missing is a practical form-factor. With the Arrival of flexible screens, you will see a change in mobile phones shapes and designs, but the point is, a phone should remain small and portable.

If you consider your superphone as your central unit, then you still need the proper form-factor to edit a word document or do some web research. The Mirabook gives you what you want from a desktop experience: a large screen, a full-size keyboard and a mouse. When PCs become more and more mobile and the mobiles become more and more PCs, the Mirabook is the missing bridge that will provide the perfect productivity on-the-go. Your phone is Powerful, Connected and Practical. And now you can fully exploit its potential. In the future you will only have your superphone and your Mirabook.