Turn your Razer phone into a laptop

With the only Razer laptop dock to perform on mobile games

Razer phone and Mirabook laptop dock

Razer Phone: a true mobile gaming experience


The Razer Phone is one of the most powerful smartphone, made for mobile gaming and cloud computing. Smartphones are now ready to evolve as they have already replaced our cameras, portable gaming station, music players etc…

The Razer Phone reinvents mobile gaming with the possibility to connect it to a dock in order to play on a larger screen.

  • Bring productivity to Android
  • Work or entertain on a convenient interface
  • Use your phone like a regular computer to manage efficiently your files, pictures, videos
  • Download million of games for Android (PUBG, Arena of Valor, Tekken mobile etc…)
Razer phone hands gaming in use

The Mirabook: A Project Linda alternative to dock your Razer Phone


Razer project Linda unveiled at CES 2018 a gaming laptop concept powered by the Android based Razer Phone. Since 2015, Miraxess is developing the Mirabook, a universal laptop dock compatible with Samsung, Huawei and Razer phones.

Simply connect your Razer Phone to the Mirabook extension and enjoy a complete gaming laptop experience on Android. Unlock your cell’s full power and take advantages of the Mirabook laptop dock key features for Razer Phone users:

  • A Build-in power bank to quickly charges your Razer Phone.
  • A durable and high-end gaming notebook dock.
  • Enjoy a built-in keyboard or play with a gaming controller on a larger screen.
  • Play on a true mobile gaming experience on a HD screen and neat backlite keyboard.
  • No need for adapters and extra material, just plug your gear thanks to its multiple usb, jack and hdmi ports.

man running icon Miraxess
Become a digital nomad

aluminium logo png

Neat aluminium body

low weight logo png Mirabook
only 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

power battery logo png
Up to 10 hours battery
while charging your Samsung Note 8

High definition 13,3″ screen

backlit keypad logo png Miraxess

Pro backlit keyboard

Mirabook specifications

  • Black Aluminium body
  • 13,3-inch 1080p screen
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Feather weight 1.3KG / 2.9 Pounds
  • DisplayPort over USB C
  • 1x USB C for device
  • 1x USB C for charging
  • 2x USB A 3.0
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x Audio Jack output
compatible mirabook phone

Are there other smartphone I can use the Mirabook with ?


In order to work with the Mirabook,  your device has to be equiped with USB type C and a DisplayPort video activated.
Thanks to the fast equipment of the type C on numerous products and the embaded DisplayPort video on the latest snapdragon processors, the list of compatible devices keep increasing.

Moreover, to enjoy the full experience of using his smartphone as personal computer, some brands created desktop like interface for a better user experience (Samsung DeX, Easy projection, …).

If you want to check all Mirabook compatible devices click on the button below.

Before getting any further, be aware that the Mirabook will not work with apple devices.

Mirabook in use with Samsung s9

You want to use a desktop interface application like Linda project during the CES 2018


There are four ways to use a proper desktop experience on a smartphone.

1 – The brand manufacturer has created its own desktop like experience and implemented it at first on your smartphone.
In this case, it will work perfectly and allow you to use at most your phone in a proper PC desktop experience.
This is what we call native App (because implemented in the source of the mobile OS).

Today, the most impressive are :

  • Samsung DeX (on samsung devices)
  • EMUI desktop (on Huawei devices)
  • Windows phone app is call Continuum

2 – You can display a mirror of your smartphone and work on it with a larger screen.

That will be the case of the Razer Phone. However, in portrait mode, the app will be display in full resolution.


3 – Your smartphone’s manufacturer has implemented an application from a third party.

In this option, you can help us promote this way of using your anroid phone by supporting a team.

Today, there are several team working on such interface :

  •  OXI OS
  • Maru OS
  • Leena OS


4/ Download from the playstore : Non native application

It is a simple way to see what you can do on a desktop interface powered by your smartphone.

Indeed, some labs launched several apps allowing you to use a desktop like experience.

However, because these are not native, be aware that the experience can be a bit laggy and slow and a bit privacy invasive.

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