Mobile game razor phone

Razer Phone: the first mobile game superphone?


Razer is a videogame hardware manufacturer, and when they buy the cloud based smartphone company
Nextbit, their intention is clear; they realized the tremendous mobile gaming opportunity.

How the Razer Phone could revolutionize mobile gaming


After a successful Kick-starter campaign in 2015, Nextbit launched its Robin Smartphone with a simple
concept of integrated cloud into Android OS. The team got fed up of every smartphone manufacturers
that are always copying features and designs from each other. They made a smartphone which never run
out of storage.
Razer will announce its first phone the 1 st of November and it is not a coincidence with the Nextbit recent
acquisition. If you take a look at the boom of cloud gaming services like Shadow which raised $54 million
or LiquidSky which raised $4 million with Samsung Next Ventures, the idea of crossing cloud and mobile
gaming makes total sense.
From the latest leak the Razer Phone should be powered by a Snapdragon 835 (with Adreno 540 graphic
chip) and massive 8GB of RAM. With these specs, the Razer Phone will comfortably run cloud gaming
services and give access to millions of PC games. Like every new technology, cloud gaming divides,
because of the enormous internet connection speed requirement (15MB at least). In a near future, it
won’t be a problem anymore as people can already reach 100MB speed in 4G and the incoming 5G
promises 1GB speed. All this means that the Razer phone will be ready for the mobile cloud gaming
revolution (the company’s motto is “For Gamers. By Gamers”).

What can you do with your Razer Phone?


The Google Play store has over 3 million apps available and 90% of the apps market comes from video
games which is coherent with that fact that mobile gaming represents the biggest gaming platform in the
world in terms of revenue. Far beyond the PC and console gaming, mobile game market represents a
third of the total game market revenue.
Even if the Razer Phone is clearly an Android superphone focused on mobile gaming., it has also the PC
gaming DNA through cloud gaming services. For this very reason, the Razer superphone is the perfect
combination between mobile gaming and PC gaming. From pure mobile game like Clash of clans to a PC
game like Overwatch, and even oldies like Star Wars Kotor, you will have access to the ultimate
PC/Mobile game catalogue. The Razer phone will be the best gaming smartphone for a long time.


Can I play Android games on my laptop?

The best way to play a game is of course on a big screen with all the comfort and ergonomic that are
necessary to be efficient. There is a simple solution for you to stay on your mobile and when you need
play your android games on your laptop.
The Mirabook morphs your smartphone into a 13-inch notebook, giving you a larger display and external
peripherals like keyboard and mouse to play your favorite android mobile games.
If the Razer Phone ends up being compatible with the Mirabook, it would be a real strong argument and
would lead to a one device solution to play. You will have your Razer superphone in mobility, and the
Mirabook convenience for more deep games using the power of cloud gaming.

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