How much does a Mirabook cost?


As the production started, the price for all new backers was $249 until the 15th of March = Mobile World Congress 2018.

Since that date, retail price has been changed to $349 on our website and may be different depending on your local retailer.

Price of the Mirabook has been following our vision of the project.

  • When we started our Indiegogo campaign, early adopters have been able to pre-order it last April 2017 $190
  • After raising our $50 000 objective, price increased for Indiegogo backers at $220
  • Since the launch of our e-shop on backer-kit in September, the launch of Samsung DeX, Huawei Easy Projection and Mira, we settled the price at $249 until the production in February
  • To allow maximum people believing in the project to participate before official release, price will remain $249 until our presentation at CES Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress 2018, so the 15th of March
  • Price changed to $349 after the MWC
Huawei Mate 10 Mirabook easy projection

What is in the Box ?


In your box Mirabook, you will find :

  • Your Mirabook device (with your selected keyboard)
    Available : QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ
  • Your colour touch (6 colours available)
  • Your Coloured usb type-C cable
  • Your usb type-C charger
  • Our documentation
  • A thank you letter from the team for the support
  • The MiraClub Membership (lifetime warranty) for any pre-order made before the 15th of March


Depending of your order :

  • A coloured “slide” to hold your phone
  • Additional colour touch of your chosing
  • The Mirabook leather sleeve
  • The 128 Go SD card