Use the Galaxy Note 10 as a laptop

Samsung DeX devices easily converges with the Mirabook to turn a smartphone into a laptop


The Note 10 and Note 10+: The Evolution of Smartphones

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are one of the top premium smartphones out there in the market and deliver features you don’t get on other phones. It comes with a precise S pen-toting, and it’s lighter and thinner than the Note 9. The Note 10 is smaller, which is perfect for an easier grip on small hands. It is better to go with the Note 10 + if you are looking for a bigger screen. Both Galaxy Note models have been given an IP 68 certification, a rating system that measures a handset’s resistance to water and dirt. The phones also have the following key features:

  • Internal 256GB/512GB storage
  • Up to 45W of fast charging
  • Live Focus effects for video
  • Exynos 9825, 8GB/12GB RAM
  • Full HD display
  • Wireless headphone connection
  • A long battery life: 3500 mAh battery
  •  One UI software
galaxy-note10 with pen

Launch the Note 10 into a Laptop for Mobile Productivity 

The Note 10 can carry out many operations, yet one of its best features is called Samsung DeX. Since the launch of Samsung S8, the technology on these Galaxy models have allowed phones to become a complete computer with DeX. Simply connect the mobile device to an external bigger screen, add a mouse, and a keyboard. The native app DeX on Samsung devices allows enjoying phones as a personal computer.

The desktop interface DeX has allowed not only for mobiles to be turned into a computer, but as well into a full laptop with the use of a Mirabook. DeX and the Mirabook make an integration of two different technologies to work as a single device to increase productivity without being stuck to a desk!


How is the convergence of DeX and the Mirabook? 

The Mirabook is a “super” accessory that turns DeX phones into a laptop. It operates like a dock for the smartphone, providing comfort, ergonomic and productivity. It uses the Display-Port over USB-C standard which allows transmitting a video signal along with data. Inside the Mirabook, it is having a big screen, a track-pad, a keyboard and the typical peripherals we would find in a normal laptop.


Mirabook and S8

The Mirabook is a lapdock which looks physically like a laptop. When it is connected to Samsung DeX, it allows users to enjoy a laptop-like experience, avoiding the small screen of a phone and enjoying apps on larger display:

  • Use your phone as a laptop at anytime
  • Download your favorite apps from your Note 10 and enjoy them in full screen
  • Carry personal and business information in your android device

The new tech is on the market and is possible with DeX and the Mirabook. Discover the power of turning a phone into a laptop!

Experience Professional Solutions with the Mirabook

  • Tear down CTO Costs by half
  • The real flexible office space is possible
  • Be productive and compute on the go
  • Converse on a larger screen
  • Work online from any corner of the world
The mirabook

Mirabook Specifications:

Black Aluminium body

13,3-inch 1080p screen

Up to 10 hours of battery life

Feather weight 1.3KG / 2.9 Pounds

Display-Port over USB-C

1x USB C for device

1x USB C for charging

2x USB A 3.0

1x HDMI output

1x Audio Jack output

man running icon Miraxess
Be a digital nomad

power battery logo png
Up to 10 hours battery
while charging your smartphone

low weight logo png Mirabook
only 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

aluminium logo png

Neat aluminium body

High definition 13,3″ screen

backlit keypad logo png Miraxess

Pro backlit keyboard

Long lasting design

Productivity on the go

You do not own a galaxy Note 10?

You are interested about Samsung DeX, but you do not own a galaxy Note 10? Samsung  implemented DeX as native application  in most of its newest devices.

For now, the only devices powering DeX are the Note 8/ Note 9/ S8/ S8+/ S9/ S9+/ S10/ S10+.


S8 DeX Mirabook

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