Mobile devices, such as smartphones, have skyrocketed worldwide and thus revolutionizing the way we work with freedom of movement.Going mobile-only is a transition of building an online platform for your business, replacing the traditional PC and working online using a smartphone. It will not only open new doors to your business, but it will also help create new customers and happier mobile employees.

The Mirabook: The missing link to transform your smartphone into a mobile desktop


Several studies have shown employees prefer to work with less devices. The study on enterprise mobility GFK Public Communications and Social Science showed that nearly half (42%) of workers opted for a smartphone over laptops, tablets, desktops and other choices. The survey group was composed of 1,200 workers from various industries including field service, transportation, public safety and healthcare. All participants were required to own a smartphone and spent ⅓ of their working day using the device for communication and work-related tasks. The result? Workers can now leave their desk and work in mobility.

  • Smartphones such as Samsung DeX paired with the Mirabook are together replacing laptops and other traditional computers.
  • These two create a unique fusion between PCs and smartphones. The Mirabook turns your smartphone into a full-fledged 13 inch laptop.
  • Lapdocks are considered as a game changer, a greater mobile productivity enabler for enterprises and organizations. One smartphone can now power a passive form-factor at the fraction of the cost of a regular computing solution.

An organization’s mobile solution and TCO killer


The Mirabook is a low-cost, safe and easy Solution for many different businesses, find out why:

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Better Productivity

No more slow booting, updates, data syncing, internet tethering or disaster recovery. Now you can take advantage of the immediacy of your mobile.

Easy Management

The Mirabook is a passive device. IT directors will no longer have to update, secure, manage, or repair laptop fleets.

Greater Mobility

Nothing is more mobile than mobiles themselves. Work from the office, on public transport or from home with the same device in your pocket. Give it the form-factor you need at any time and anywhere.

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Cost Reduction

The Mirabook can lower the TCO (total cost of ownership) up to 70% in an organization since it offers a one device ecosystem.

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Improved Security

As a passive device, the Mirabook has no vulnerability and holds no data. Knox will oversee the smartphone part. There’s no need to deal with constant threats on laptops.

Reduced Environmental Costs

With no operating system, RAM, hard disc, or sensors, the Mirabook is easy to repair or to recycle. There’s 40% less components compared to a Macbook 13”.

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Ideal convergence on mobile cloud computing services


Having an organization’s information online available on mobile devices through cloud connectivity is the future of business mobility. With the price of mobile plans consistently dropping, there is no need to be so concerned about data usage on smartphones. Mobile-only initiated with jobs that required working on-the-go, and thus allowed employees to complete their jobs on mobile devices. 

As a result, mobile workers are getting the job done from anywhere at any time, without the need of being trapped on a desk. A study by KCBP mobile technology trends showed that people are using the internet on their smartphones 51 % of the time while only accessing the Internet on their desktops 42% of the time.

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The new VDI and cloud experience with a Mirabook as a thin-client solution


Cloud Computing has greatly accelerated in the past year with the need to work remotely. Our partner Omny, is a cloud based solution for IT departments by implementing secure remote access to business information. Cloud storage and VDI services have reduced the time needed to maintain workstations and the need to buy new hardware. Work wisely with a  Mirabook, a smartphone and a VDI to transform all of a phone’s apps into a complete office.

The benefits of working with less but with greater mobile capabilities 


It is considered one of the most convenient and comfortable steps to change to a smartphone with desktop interface. To save on costs in the long term, businesses are changing to this new way of working in mobility. Transition to this modern work with improved virtual machines, less devices but greater tech competency. Add a cloud infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of working with a Mirabook and DeX phones:



Employees can enjoy working remotely without any desktop restraints. Cloud security available from data centers.

Greater Productivity

Be more productive and work on the go to eliminate dead-time in the process of moving from point A to point B.


The future of mobile office space. Adapt to working from home and other working stations.

Compact PC

Carry all your desktop information in your pocket through Cloud Computing Services, MDM and EMM Softwares.


Easily connect on the Mirabook lapdock for a bigger screen, full keyboard and a 7 hr battery life.


It supports Microsoft Office, Adobe and many other apps. The Mirabook follows the same conventional Windows/Chrome design so anyone can start using it without trouble.

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Which professions can benefit from the Mirabook’s mobile solution?


              • Public Safety/ Police Officers/ Defense
              • Healthcare Workers
              • Financial  Bankers/ Insurance Services
              • Construction Workforce
              • Real Estate Agents
              • Sales and Retail Associates
              • Reporters and Journalists
              • Many other Thin Clients and Digital Nomads
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