Mirabook with galaxy note 8 DeX

Your Note 8 into a laptop


Enjoy DeX full experience, in complete mobility, with the Mirabook laptop dock !

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The Note 8 is a computer in your pocket

Samsung DeX is an Android native application allowing you to use your galaxy Note 8 like a regular computer with its own desktop like experience.

Thanks to the docking revolution, your Note 8 can now power up a complete work environment as you sure do every day.

Use millions of apps from the Play store and complete software suites for your day to day uses.


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Mirabook without phone

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Enjoy full mobility

The Mirabook unleashes the full potential of the Galaxy Note 8

Just plug and play, let the Mirabook be the extention and DeX do the rest
From a train to a plane, a park to your work, become a true digital nomad

power battery logo png
Never run out of battery !
With 10 hours battery life while charging your phone, stay connected all day long

Be more productive on your Note 8 adding it a 13″ HD screen, a trackpad and keyboard.
Show and watch any content at any moment on a larger screen.

premium quality Mirabook

A premium experience for your phone

Your phone is a great device, your dock deserves to be as well

low weight logo png Mirabook
Only 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg) to carry.

aluminium logo png
Full aluminium body
Because plastic is not an option : you do not use a ferrari engine on a cheap 90s car

backlit keypad logo png Miraxess
Pro or a gamer, you will definitly enjoy the backlit keyboard

laptop connectors Mirabook

Connect it to other external devices

The Mirabook is your Note 8 hardware hub

Displayport logo black MiraxessDisplayPort Technology

Display port icon MiraxessX2 USB type-C ports

One to connect your Note 8
One to charge the Mirabook or connect an other device

 X2 USB 3.0 ports

HDMI icon Miraxess X1 HDMI port

SD card icon Mirabook X1 SD card slut

You like our product ?

Back our project and pre-order your Mirabook now. First shipments start july 2018 for any pre-order made before this date.

Are you mobile ?

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You do not own a Note 8 yet ?


  • You still want to use DeX ? Well try it with the galaxy S8 or S8+

Samsung galaxy S8 Mirabook

  • You want to know if your device is compatible with the Mirabook ?
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    You can also contact us from Indiegogo

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“As the gap between smartphone and laptop performance dwindles and the size of phones grows, there’s a decreasing need for users to have and pay for both. The Mirabook crosses that division by providing a laptop-like computing experience powered by your smartphone’s CPU”


“Eliminate the need to sync data between devices or install multiple versions of the same app, all this with one device”


“A docking on the go”

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