Mira App: The Android Desktop Mode

The Ultimate PC Experience on Android Phones


Mira provides you a unique android desktop experience in order to be more productive and efficient using your cell phone.

Today’s smartphones are capable of being much more than a simple way of communication : they can become our personal computers.

Mira PC mode unleashes the full power of your android phone to become a true superphone.

Mira lets you connect your superphone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a PC experience powered by your phone. Be even more productive with the Mirabook lapdock extension and keep working efficiently wherever you go.

Mira app android desktop view work

Run your favorite apps on a mobile desktop view


Run more than 3,000,000 applications from the Play Store and enjoy them in Windows.
Get the instantaneous and mobility your deserve.
Use your working software with mobile applications!

  • Write, calculate, create on the most renowned office suites
  • Present your work anytime, anywhere with larger audience
  • All social media experiences on a larger screen
  • Forget Hotspot WiFi ! Browse on a desktop view, all powered by your mobile phone
  • Forget about storage, find all your files in your personal cloud
  • Organize your files and data as you would on an ordinary computer
Mira desktop for android apps

Improve your gaming experience on Android


  • Enjoy mobile gaming on a large screen and watch your favorite videos without eyesight fatigue.
  • Become a true mobile gamer with a simple mobile phone.
  • Experience the same simplicity using your mobile as a home computer.
  • Switch from games to videos, tutorials to twitch lives, in a blink of an eye.
Miraxess Mira app gaming

How your Android Phone can be your only computer?


Since the first day, smartphones have become much more than a simple phone: replacing cameras, GPS, music players and even portable game stations.

Today, it is time for smartphones to evolve and become much more complete than they are now.
They already are as powerful as our PCs and the main limitation to fully use their potential is the limited interface.

Mira creates an optimized desktop environment for you to be productive on your android mobile device. Enjoy your favorite apps in a desktop view and multi-task feature to use your android phone like a PC.

How works Mira android desktop

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