Miraxess introduces Mira, an Android Desktop mode in partnership with Auxens

Mira App android desktop view
Miraxess introduces Mira, an Android Desktop mode in partnership with Auxens


Despite stagnant features, in 10 years smartphones have become beasts of power able to replace our PCs. With its new partner Auxens, Miraxess attempts to incarnate the next mobile revolution which will unleash the full potential of our fantastic pocket computers.

Evolve from Smartphone to Superphone.

Since the first day, Smartphones have become much more than a simple phone, replacing cameras, GPSs, music players and even portable game stations. Today, it is time for smartphones to evolve and become much more complete than they are now. The latest flagships of the two mobile market leaders
demonstrate the mutation by already presenting PC mode features.
At dawn of the mobile first revolution, the French startup Miraxess also competes in the next smartphone evolution called superphone with “Mira”, an android desktop mode feature powered by
OXI, transforming your phone into a real PC.
Mobile phones are as powerful as our PCs and the main limitation to fully use their potential is the limited interface. Mira creates an optimized desktop environment for you to be productive on your mobile device. Enjoy windowed apps and multi-task while you write a document or make some web research.
With Mira, Miraxess deals with the limited interface, so you can finally unleash the full potential of your phone and make it your
personal computer.
« Today’s smartphones are incapable of using
their full potential, that’s why it’s time to upgrade to Superphones. With Laurent (Auxens cofounder), we want to bring Superphones to brands which did not anticipate this innovation. Mira is a neat and optimized PC mode made to regain productivity, in one hand. » – Yanis Anteur CEO of Miraxess.

Use Mira app as android desktop

The Mirabook transform your phone into a Laptop

Mobile phone manufacturers willing to integrate Mira desktop mode will also be natively compatible with the Mirabook extension. The Mirabook extend the capabilities of your phone by turning it into a full-fledged Laptop with a large screen, a keyboard and a track pad. Combine the capacity of a Superphone and the productivity of the Mirabook and you obtain the ultimate notebook.
Miraxess lapdock project has been 200% funded on Indiegogo few months ago and the first shipment will happen by the end of the year. The final version of the Mirabook will be unveiled at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Mirabook half open

About Auxens: Auxens is a French startup developing innovative user interfaces on Android designed specifically for mobile convergence.

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