Use the Huawei P30 as your only Laptop

Simplify your everyday life ́s routine with Huawei ́s desktop interface Easy Projection

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Easy Projection (EMUI Desktop mode) allows you to easily switch your P30 phone into a personal computer!

Technology shifts and shapes the way we work, and so does the Huawei P30 ́s high-performance phone. The new P30 and P30 Pro are surpassing competitors, having the best features out there on the market:

  • Easy Projection interface to shift the phone into a full desktop
  • 4 Leica cameras with 10X hybrid zoom
  • Dust and Water resistant
  • Fast wireless charging from 0 % to 70 % in under 30 minutes
  • Object recognition

The P30 ́s EMUI Desktop mode is perfect when you want to connect your phone to another screen for presentations or just to work more ergonomically on a larger monitor. So, lets crack the true potential of Huawei ́s P30 native app with Easy Projection!

P30 on easy projectionThis smooth and user friendly desktop experience is revolutionizing the way people work. Once connected to a USB-C dock to an external screen, the smartphone automatically turns into a computer! Websites and other apps open in desktop mode, facilitating multitasking with several windows open at once. Hook up a mouse and a keyboard to work easier on a bigger screen!.

Want to work on the go with your P30?

As we know, the built-in desktop interface turns your mobile into powerful mini computer when its connected to a bigger display. Yet, the reality is that we want to work on the go without the hustle of being stuck on a work desk.

Modern workplaces have shifted from a stationary desk to mobile docks, and working in multi-spaces is possible with the help of a mirabook and your Huawei P30! When using the Mirabook, you can experience the transformation of all the Huawei P30 features into an impressive laptop. Letting you work freely and remotely from any place and eliminate working traditionally behind closed doors. Lets launch and practice all the conceivable ways we can benefit from our phones turned into laptops.

Miraxess laptop sleeve hold by man in suit

Lapdocks as the Mirabook hatch the true potential of the P30 smartphones, making it the latest tech innovations on the market. The dual complicity of these devices simplify life ́s daily tasks by making it the mobile solution and  the only laptop you will ever need.

P30 and Mirabook

Unlock the power of the P30 series phones with a Mirabook, providing you with a complete Laptop experience. Life and work were just made easier!

Its is not only the P30 and P30 Pro who are equipped with the EMUI Desktop mode but other Huawei gamma phones. Other smartphones are equipped with PC mode and are compatible with the Mirabook for greater productivity and mobility!

You have another cell phone and you wish to check if it is compatible with the Mirabook?


In order to be fully compatible with the Mirabook, your device needs to be USB type C over Display-port technology as the Huawei P30 .

To be efficient, you can ask us directly our Facebook page. You can also check your smartphone’s specifications or get on our dedicated page linked below.

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You do not have Easy Projection or a native desktop view?

Easy Projection is a native app available on Huawei devices. Yet many smartphones brands need an application to run a desktop PC interface.

To do so there are three possibilities :

1.) Your phone manufacturer has implemented a native application on its devices :

  • Huawei Easy Projection (EMUI desktop mode)
  • Samsung DeX
  • Windows Continuum

2.) Your phone manufacturer has implemented a specific native application. All the IT and R&D lab listed below are promoting the Desktop mode to phone brands :

  • OXI OS
  • Maru OS
  • Leena OS
  • Remix OS
  • And of course our own : Mira

Keep in mind that even if you can download it, you still need a USB type C and Display-Port to power the Mirabook.

3.) Download from the Playstore: Non native application

It is a simple way to see what you can do on a desktop interface powered by your smartphone.

Indeed, some labs launched several apps allowing you to use a desktop like experience.

However, because these are not native, be aware that the experience can be a bit laggy and slow.

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