Turn your Huawei Mate 10 into a laptop


Improve your EMUI desktop experience on a Mate 10 laptop

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Turn your Huawei Mate 10 into a laptop


Improve your EMUI desktop experience on a Mate 10 laptop

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Huawei Mate 10 Mirabook easy projection

Huawei best feature : Your Mate 10 as personal computer


The best feature of the Huawei mate 10 and pro is the ability to launch a desktop interface. The Huawei Superphone transform your Mate 10 into a full fledged computer with a real PC experience.

As phones are already our main device, this new feature give the user the possibility to get a real pocket computer.

Once you have a computer in your hand, what’s next ?

When your mobile phone is your PC, how can you improve it to be truly productive and mobile ? Miraxess creates the best accessory to transform your phone into a laptop.

Huawei desktop view

Be fully mobile and get yourself a Huawei Mate 10 laptop


Huawei PC mode provides a great solution to transform your smartphone into a computer. Afterwards, the Mirabook lapdock uses the EMUI mode capacities to bring productivity on-the-go.

  • Simply connect your Huawei Mate 10to the Mirabook extension and enjoy a laptop experience
  • Take advantage of a huge battery and be productive with your Superphone for almost a day
  • Get a high-end designed laptop with the usual price tag

The Mirabook is a like a mirror in which you will rediscover your phone as the only computer you need.

The Mirabook

Mate 10 with Mirabook

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Become a digital nomad

power battery logo png
Up to 10 hours battery
while charging your Huawei Mate 10

High definition 13,3″ screen

low weight logo png Mirabook
only 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

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Best deal laptop ever built

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Neat aluminium body

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Be more productive

green impact logo png
Green impact

backlit keypad logo png Miraxess

Pro backlit keyboard

Display port icon Miraxess

DisplayPort Technology
x2 USB Type C
x2 USB 3.0
x1 Audio Jack
x1 SD card extender

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Make it yours

You do not have EMUI desktop or a native desktop view ?


As Emui desktop is a native app, a lot of smartphone, even Huawei’s need an application to run a desktop PC interface.

However, you will find here all the applications you can use to do the same job as EMUI desktop.

Keep in mind that, even if you can download it, you still need a USB type C and DisplayPort to power the Mirabook and/or other multiple display.

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