April 2018 update and R&D Video

Dear Miraclub members,


We have just entered the production phase of our project as we’re validating the last Mirabook features. There are 3 main steps before starting shipping around the world: Supply; Production; Certification.
We started the component supply few days ago. Once everything is done, the first units will be shipped in May/June until July. We will come with more details in the next update. As it is a first experience for our team, we thank you in advance for your patience and all your support, we are making this happen together.


Mirabook in use with Samsung s9


With that being said, let’s celebrate the end of the Mirabook development! It’s been a long adventure between France and China, and it’s just the beginning of the journey!

Please watch this video of our R&D!

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From the latest VESA forecast, the DisplayPort over USB-C (technology used in the Mirabook) will reach 1 billion devices shipped in 2021, meaning more and more smartphones will be compatible with the Mirabook.

huawei P20

To help us evangelize mobile convergence, spread the word to your friends and interact with us on social media. Thank you for your support, this happens all thanks to you.


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  1. Many Thanks for sharing this post. Happy new year cheers!

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