Simply connect your Smartphone

and use it as a Laptop

You already have half of it

Customizable Design


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Stunning Design

Colour touch

We designed the Mirabook to be a simple but beautiful reflection of your smartphone.

Infinite Customization

Customization Laptop

Blue, Red, Pink… Make it yours.

Extreme Mobility

Mobile Laptop

24 hours of battery life: Imagine the possibilities.

Amazing Sustainability


Less component implies a positive impact on the environement.

True Simplicity

Simply connect your Smartphone and enjoy a new experience.

Millions of Apps

Experiment a new way to use your favorite apps


As people increasingly depend on their smartphones to organize their personal and professional lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs.

Miraxess is the mirror that gives you the freedom of using just one computer…

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